Kodiak Knife Co

Kodiak Knife Co Rooted in Eagle River, Alaska, embodies a passion for exceptional craftsmanship and outdoor adventure. Their range of handmade knives, from The Tongass to The Kenai, showcases a dedication to quality and reliability.

Inspired by the rugged Alaskan wilderness, Kodiak Knife Co offers not just cutting tools but symbols of adventure and durability. The website also emphasizes their commitment to using high-quality materials and traditional crafting techniques, ensuring each knife is not just a tool but a piece of art.

Cody, the driving force behind Kodiak Knife Co, is deeply committed to fostering local employment and skill development in Eagle River, Alaska. His approach to knife manufacturing is unique, centering around the expertise of his team. This commitment to craftsmanship is not just about producing exceptional knives; it's about being people-focused, process-oriented, and product-driven.